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Book a YC Team as contractors.

The Y Combinator* network is a huge asset. It creates trust and accountability. We use this network to connect YC founders with startups who look for projects on a contract-basis.

Book a YC Team
*Not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Y Combinator.
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Vetted Alumni

All of our contractors are YC Alumni founders who have worked on projects together. They are technical co-founders who would love to build products, without going through the hard work of sales.

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High Quality, Fast

Imagine Fiverr, without poor quality and high accountability. YC founders tend to be scrappy, persistent and fast. By hiring a team of two or three co-founders you'll get a fully functioning squad.

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Simple Workflow

  1. Write a short project proposal
  2. We find the right team for you
  3. Calendly + Zoom meeting
  4. Get the team to work
  5. Simple payment processing

Trusted by forward thinking (YC) companies

  • Deel
  • Allocations
  • Parker
  • Helium Health

Diverse Leadership

Batteries included: Booking a YC team will give you a fully functioning squad of product, technical and operational leaders. The perfect way to kick-off a new project without distracting your core team.

Peer Richelsen
Co-Founder, CEO / Mage Market

Peer loves to work with Reactjs, Nextjs and Material-UI. He moves fast, and hopefully doesn't break too many things – The right one for any urgent UI/UX product challenge.

Malte Delfs
Co-Founder, CTO / Mage Market

Malte is a hacker. Whatever challenge arise he'll attack it with the most intuitive way to get fast results. As a full-stack autodidact, any stack works for him.


What other people say

James Beshara

— Peer is one of the scrappiest and most persistent founders I know. I've been impressed with how head-on he and the team tackle whatever challenges undoubtedly come up in any product build out. They have the ideal combination of rapid, flexible, and transparent workflows which is a rarity for an “agency”.

Ish Baid

— Peer is nothing short of spectacular. We hired him through Book A YC Team and within hours of discussing requirements, he had already broken ground on the project. Within a few days, the entire project was completed with clear, actionable next steps for us. I hope to work with him again soon!

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— Peer is the most efficient and hard-working collaborator I've ever worked with. He turned around a live version of our website, concept to live v1 in just 90 minutes - he's become my new bar for moving fast. Peer has never stopped iterating and learning, from the day we met at Y Combinator to our updates, Peer always has new insights and ideas to share. If you have the chance to work with him - take it, you'll be blown away.

Abhiroop CVK
Co-Founder, CPO / Hutsy

Abhiroop is a co-founder of Hutsy who's very comfortable with product and design. His background is in design and media, previously ran a design and development studio in NYC, and handled sales and negotiation for all partnerships and contracts.

Rashid Aziz
Co-Founder, CTO / Hutsy

Rashid is the co-founder of Hutsy, a full stack engineer with extensive experience in React, Node, and React Native. He led engineering at Hutsy, building complex real estate transaction automation software and property map search.

Nicholas Nguyen
Engineer / Hutsy

Nick is a software engineer at Hutsy. He is passionate about building front-end components that are reusable for internal use and provide a great experience for the end users.

Co-Founder, CTO / DevFlight

Tony was co-founder of DevFlight (W19) and is Founder of Modern Will ( He is skilled at developing prototypes and rapid iteration on products. Tony has experience as a developer as well as in product management and client-facing roles.

Shruti Shah
Shruti Shah
Co-Founder, COO / Move Loot

Shruti was the co-founder and COO of Move Loot (W14) where she lead business operations and expansion. She has experience fundraising and scaling teams and loves helping teams set up systems and processes to be able to grow effectively.

Yacine Sibous
Co-Founder & CEO / Parker

Yacine is co-founder of Parker (W19). He loves figuring out how to optimize funnels & ads making sure you know exactly how to profitably acquire users. If you need to test or expand your market quick, he can get you answers.

Co-Founder & CTO / Parker

Milan is co-founder of Parker (W19). He loves NextJS and building lean, fast funnels. He'll make sure you have a system that's user & ad network friendly, so customers can stop searching for your product, and start converting.

Joel Karacozoff
Co-Founder & CTO / Balto

Joel was the technical co-founder of Balto (W19) and loves building products in Mongo, Express, React and Node stacks. He has a decade of experience working for startup technology companies and his roles ranged from data analyst to product manager. Most importantly, he always brings fresh ideas, a positive attitude and respect for others to any project he works on.

Deepak Ramanathan
Co-Founder & CTO / AskMyClass

Deeps is the co-founder of AskMyClass (S18) and is passionate about fixing go-to-market, digital marketing strategy and marketing teams.

Ivy Lee
Co-Founder / Phiar

Ivy is the co-founder of Phiar (S18) and is skilled at building AI powered products. As a fullstack AI specialist, she is passionate about creating new workflows and experiences that enhance everyday life.

David Head
David Head
Co-Founder / Sixty

David is your "No-Code CTO", helping you scale your no-code stack further and migrating bits to code as needed. Since 2015, David led no-code engineering for his freelance marketplace, Sixty, which got funded by Y Combinator. In 2019, David joined Lambda School's engineering team to help migrate them from their Airtable/Zapier/Salesforce no-code stack to a code-based one.

Fahim Aziz
Fahim Aziz
Co-Founder & CEO / Backpack

Fahim is the co-founder of Backpack and loves working on user focused product. He has 6+ years of experience in building a marketplace from 0 to 50 people and $XX M in revenue where he worked on things ranging from product search and multi currency payment system to last mile logistics tracking.

Sakib Sauro
Sakib Sauro
Co-Founder & CTO / Backpack

Sauro the the co-founder and CTO of Backpack and loves solving hard optimization problems. He has 6 years experience starting and growing a tech startup from scratch. Sauro also loves exploring contrarian ideas that are often considered crazy or stupid. He is attracted towards intelligent mind-expanding conversations and people who engage in those.

Christian Yang
Christian Yang
Co-Founder / ReelSurfer

Christian was co-founder of ReelSurfer (S12). 12+ years experience in full-stack development and leadership roles across startups and large corporations (Microsoft, Google). Stanford Computer Systems Engineering.

Adam Houck
Adam Houck
Full-Stack Engineer

Adam is a senior full-stack engineer with team lead experience. Specialty experience in integrations and security.

Ted Halmrast
Ted Halmrast
Full-Stack Engineer

Ted is 20+ year startup veteran. Strong full-stack experience along with expertise in WebGL, dataviz, ETL. Author of several open-source libraries.

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley
Full-Stack Engineer

Mark is a 20+ year startup veteran with both staff-level engineering and executive-level leadership experience. Co-author of several open-source libraries.

Arjun Iyer
Arjun Iyer
Co-Founder & CEO / Signadot

Arjun is the co-founder and CEO of Signadot and is an expert in Observability (metrics, logs, traces etc), Microservices architecture and Incident Mgmt. He was a Senior Director of Engineering at Appdynamics where he built a $100M analytics business.

Anirudh Ramanathan
Anirudh Ramanathan
Co-Founder & CTO / Signadot

Anirudh is the co-founder and CTO of Signadot (W20) with expertise in distributed systems, large scale data processing and DevOps. He is a Kubernetes ecosystem contributor/SIG Lead and an Apache Spark committer.

Matteo Cera
Matteo Cera
Co-Founder & CEO / Hogaru

Matteo is the co-founder and CEO of Hogaru (W17), a tech enabled facility management platform in Colombia. As CEO, he helped growing the company from 0 to +900 direct employees. He was responsible of strategy, biz dev, HR and finance. In his past life, he worked as a consultant at McKinsey and as a banker at Morgan Stanley.

Oscar Peña
Oscar Peña
Co-Founder & CTO / Hogaru

Oscar is co-founder and CTO of Hogaru (W 17), a tech enabled facility management platform in Colombia. As CTO, he builded one of the most robust and biggest Ruby on Rails platforms in Colombia. Previous to Hogaru, he cofounded a successful dev shop and worked in healthcare robotics.

Gonzalo Ucar Rodriguez
Gonzalo Ucar Rodriguez
Co-Founder & COO / Hogaru

Gonzalo is a cofounder and COO of Hogaru (W17), a tech enabled facility management platform in Colombia. As COO, he helped defining and automating the processes and setting performance management for the teams to help Hogaru grow from 0 to +900 direct employees. He was responsible of ops, growth, and product. In his past life, he worked as a consultant at McKinsey.

Most Recent Launches

Showcace of projects that YC Founders have worked on.

News 01

EmojiTalkie is an anonymous voice chat community build with Reactjs, Nextjs and the video conferencing API. Join emoji channels and socalise with strangers about your favorite topics. No account registration. No download required.

News 03

Mage Market

Mage (W19) was the previous YC company of Peer and Malte which had to shutdown due to Covid-19 in March 2020. While the website is still up for a few months, some functionality might be limited. Used tech: Flutter, Reactjs, Nextjs, Scala, Material-UI, Intercom, Stripe

Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about booking a YC founder as a contractor.

  • I'm looking to hire in full-time. Can I do this here?

    Usually the YC teams are looking to do contracting either after shutting down their own startup, extend their runway by offsetting some costs or find a new journey. However, some founders might be willing to join your company after the initial project was finished, if they liked what they worked on.

  • What's the timeline? Is the budget pre-defined?

    Once you've entered your proposal project, we try to find the best team for the gig as soon as possible. Both parties are want to move fast. The budget depends by the scope of your project and is negotiated by the team; not us.

  • How is the project billed?

    We usually encourage to do project based billing. Hourly/daily billing does not incentivize the teams to move fast. However, maintenance and additional iterations might be billed by the hour, depending on the contract.

  • Will the team join our Slack/Notion/Basecamp?

    Yes, we highly recommend the team to join your companies communication platform and project management tools. NDA's included.

  • How is payment and contract compliance handled?

    We use Deel (W19) to handle all payment processing and legal compliance.

  • Is there any commission using this service?

    No. Book a YC Team is free of charge. To support the YC community we do not charge any commission per introduction.